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Planet HEXBUG is an open-ended coding exploration, where your code brings your VR HEXBUG nano® to life in a rich, virtual world! Beginning coders will have fun exploring the wide world of Planet HEXBUG. Experienced coders can level up their VR nano and take Planet HEXBUG by storm!

In the Planet HEXBUG activity, you will code a VR nano trying to survive in a virtual world. As the VR nano explores, it will need to find food and defeat enemies in order to survive. Use the VR nano's built in AI technology to help it smell food, sense enemies, and remember its home.

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Teacher Resources

To support you in customizing Planet HEXBUG for your setting, a facilitation guide is provided to help you implement the activity from start to finish, including how to get started, strategies for supporting students, and ideas for celebrating their achievements! A document detailing how and where CSTA and ISTE standards are met in Planet HEXBUG is also provided.

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Planet HEXbug Image
Why Teach Computer Science with Robots?

Robotics is a hands-on, minds-on way to teach Computer Science through authentic problem solving, collaboration, and creativity.

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The 'Hour of Code'/'Hora del Código®' is a global initiative by Computer Science Education Week and to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.