Learn CS with VEX with Planet HEXBUG

Students of any level will love learning and applying essential CS concepts as they immerse themselves in coding the VR HEXBUG nano® to survive the many challenges of Planet HEXBUG. Watch this video to get started!

Facilitation Resources

Many resources have been provided to help you to effectively implement Planet HEXBUG in your setting!

The Facilitation Guide offers everything you need to get your students started, facilitate their learning throughout the activity, and celebrate their accomplishments when they have finished.

The Where and How Standards are Reached document maps how each of the targeted standards are reached in Planet HEXBUG

VEX Professional Development Plus is a comprehensive suite of STEM Professional Development resources empowering educators to deliver high quality STEM education with confidence.

Helpful Links

When facilitating the Planet HEXBUG game with your students, you may want to adapt supportive materials to make them your own, save and share VEXcode VR projects, or help students troubleshoot their code to identify problems and find solutions. The links below are provided to help you do so.

Save Projects

Your students can
save their projects

Share Projects

Your students can share their projects. As an educator, you can receive and open their projects.

Example Projects

Have students use example projects to see the VR HEXBUG nano® in action, then iterate on the code to make it their own.

STEM Library Articles

STEM Library articles available to help your students learn about Planet HEXBUG and how to code the VR HEXBUG nano®.

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