Learn CS with VEX!

Participate in the
Hour of Code™ with
VEX Robotics

Learn CS with VEX by participating in the VEX Hour of Code

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Step 1: Choose your Hour of Code Activity

Choose Planet HEXBUG or Coral Reef Cleanup to learn CS with VEX.

Coral Reef Cleanup >

Planet HEXBUG >

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Step 2: Get the Lesson Plan

Download the lessons and explore the Hour of Code activity.

Coral Reef Cleanup >

Planet HEXBUG >

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Step 3: Facilitate

Facilitate Hour of Code in your classroom.

Coral Reef Cleanup teacher facilitation video >

Planet HEXBUG teacher facilitation video >
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Step 4: Go Beyond the Hour of Code

Explore more ways that you can learn CS with VEX.

More Ways to Learn CS with VEX >

Using VEXcode VR




Embark with VEX on an adventure to a unique planet where you can code HEXBUG micro robotic creatures to explore and roam free.

Planet HEXBUG >

Coral Reef Cleanup

In the Coral Reef Cleanup activity, you are equipped with a VR Ocean Cleaning Robot to help clean the Mangrove Reef. Collect as much trash as you can before the solar-powered batteries on your robot run down.

Coral Reef Cleanup >

VEXcode VR Activties

VEXcode VR Activities

Access a library of activities and resources to implement VEXcode VR within an existing lesson or as a stand-alone fun activity.

VEXcode VR Activities >

More Ways to Learn CS with VEX


Practice coding this year’s VIQC or VRC game with VR Skills!

Learn More >

Virtual Skills

VEX 123

Coding Starts Early with VEX 123! Take Coding off of the screen and bring it to life with VEX 123!

Learn More >

VEXcode VR

Join the over 2 million users worldwide in learning Coding with VEXcode VR!

Learn More >

The 'Hour of Code'/'Hora del Código®' is a global initiative by Computer Science Education Week and code.org to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.