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Coding Activities Across the VEX Continuum

Whether you are new to educational robotics or a VEX veteran, there are coding activities that you can do with your students to participate in the Hour of Code™! Computer science is no longer viewed as an extracurricular activity, or a subject that is taught to a select few students. Instead, computer science is now recognized as an essential skill for all students.

At VEX, we feel that robotics is the perfect organizer for teaching CS in a hands-on, minds-on, engaging, and meaningful way. The VEX Continuum offers a K - 12 path to bring CS to life for all students, using both physical robots with VEX 123, VEX GO, VEX IQ, and VEX EXP, and virtual robots with VEXcode VR.

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Get students excited about CS

Explore VEXcode VR with new activities to collect trash from the coral reef, try out the Mars Math Expedition Competition, collect mineral samples and explore a new planet with Rover Rescue! Use your VEX robots to help a hungry squirrel gather nuts for winter with VEX 123, build and code a parade float with VEX GO, navigate your BaseBot through a maze with VEX IQ, or code a pizza delivery project with VEX EXP!

Select your VEX platform below to view hour-long coding activities that you can share with your class.

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Bring the excitement and motivation of robotics competitions to your classroom! Engage students in a classroom competition using the coding activities above. Project a leaderboard in your classroom to keep track of students’ scores as they complete coding challenges.

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